Formerly known as Hong Kong RichTechnology Co., Ltd, and it was established and registered in Hong Kong in 2010. From April of 2016, all businesses are operated and assumed by Hong Kong Rich Technology International Co., Ltd since it is found.

Konect has a stable and core team who ismanagerial staff with professional background and well equipped with over 7-10 years’ experience in this field. They are extremely familiar at mobile phones products and each link operation in design, production and sales, as well as rich experience and knowledge of global mobile phone markets.

Global mobile phones production mainly depends on the Chinese market. Konect’s main partners also set up factories in mainland China with matched processing production and operate normally with pleasant cooperation for many years. On the basis of the existing scale, Konect still keeps to continue cooperation with original suppliers and manufacturers. And the processing manufacturer’s production capacity is enough to support our scale and development demand.

Although the global economy is in the phrase of recession, the mobile phone industry has also been a certain influence. But the phone has become the essential equipment for everyone in modern society and maintains a certain growth every year. Currently operating main markets such as India and Dubai are still in the early transition phase from the low-range function phones to mid-range smartphones. The past marketing resources in our team push our company in a strong competitive position. In fact, Konect has created double growth for orders in the past few months.Meanwhile; Konect is currently in negotiation with Tsinghua Tongfang to set up a joint venture corporate in order to research and develop high-end smartphones in future by taking advantage of talents of science and technology at the background of the university Tsinghua Tong fang.

In addition, Konect takes an active part in relevant exhibitions in United States, Spain etc. from the beginning in September 2015. Konect has developed new markets and made great positive achievements.

We believe that Konect will be one ofthe most leading brands of markets competition in local market after 3-5 yearsof efforts with company scale expansion and technology research and developments trength.